Q1: Can I really get the refund?

A1: We guarantee that every customer can get a refund. At present, we have cooperated with 19000 + customers and refunded countless times. (as long as you do not return the goods)



Q2: What should I do when I want a new product?

A2: Please send the name or picture of the product to our Facebook staff. They will send you details.(For safety's sake,products can not be purchased directly on this website, please contact our staff. How to contact? Look at question 3)



Q3: Who should I contact?

A3: Please contact the person on the Facebook home page you are talking to.

In order not to lose contact, we suggest that you follow our homepage,then you can directly click the "send messenge" button on the home page when you want to communicate.

【If you can't reach someone on your previous Facebook page, contact us by email and we'll assign you a dedicated customer service page】



Q4: What is the refund method?

A4: We refund by PayPal. Please provide PayPal email to our staff.



Q5: What is the refund policy?

A5: We refund after review.(Can't do review,look at question 8)



Q6: How long can I receive a refund after I send you my review?

A6: We do a lot of refund every day.After we reply to your message, we will immediately apply to the financial department for refund. Generally, we will refund the money to you within 8 hours,no more than 24 hours.



Q7: When will you reply to my message?

A7: We promise to reply to you within one day. Sometimes due to time difference, holidays and Factors of force majeure(Facebook's bug), the response speed will be delayed. But please rest assured that we will reply to every message. If we don't reply in time, we are more anxious than you guys.



Q8: What should I do if Amazon forbids me to review on the product?

A8: Please provide us with your Amazon profile. If we are sure that you can't leave a review, we will still give you a refund(do seller feedback or rating or any other). However, if you want to get the next free product, you need to make sure that you can continue to leave a review. Or you have a new acount can leave a review.



Q9: I received a product with damage or other problems.

A9: In this case, we suggest you contact the seller directly and exchange a new one through Amazon. Then please inform us of the updated order number. If contact the seller to exchange a new one did not get a reply, you can contact the Facebook home page staff feedback problems, we will help you to solve it asap.



Q10: What if the Facebook page I've been in contact with is limited or disappeared?


A10: When this happens, please check the top post on the home page first. Our staff will leave other contact information on it as soon as possible. If the home page disappears, please contact the email address left by this website (please do not contact this email address when the home page function is normal)