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2020 Christmas Tree Ornaments Hanging Decorations Cardboard Family Personalized Ornament Snowman Christmas Tree Hanging Pendant for Santa Tree, Family Party, Holiday Decoration


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Product description
Product description

The round button on the handle operates a very simple and yet ingenious mechanism for releasing all the dead fur and debris that the brush picks up,Please keep the brush away from children and animals when not in use. You should not brush too hard as it may hurt your pet. Before combing your pet make sure there are no cuts or sores on the body as this may also hurt when you comb over them.

Not Hurt Skin With fine and flexible wire bristles,Tested and designed for dramatic results with deshedding, dematting, and detangling. The bristles are FINE bent wires designed to penetrate DEEP into the coat and is really able to groom the undercoat well without scratching your pets skin!

One For A Loved One and One For A Friend. Perfect for Dogs and for Cats of ALL SHAPES SIZES: for small Dogs, Medium Dogs Large Breeds that have short, medium and long hair,We are so confident in the quality and value of our product, that we offer an absolutely no questions asked REPLACEMENT TOOL or REFUND if for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase! Our guarantee - Its As Simple As That!

On your dogs skin and suitable for pets with single and double coats, brushing will leave your pet with healthy skin and a shiny coat. Did you know that animal dander is a leading cause of indoor allergies? Keep Allergies at bay: with regular brushing of your furry companion you will reduce the likelihood and impact of allergic reactions in your home.

Self Cleaning Simply Press the button clean easily.Using for both long hair or short hair pets.Safely removes dirt,dander, Tangles and Knots effectively ,and loose fur from the coats of different dog and cat breeds.360 degree rotation, you can touch any part of your babys body, combing more thoroughly.