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Cat Harness and Leash for Walking Escape Proof, Adjustable Cat Leash and Harness Set, Lifetime Replacement, Lightweight Kitten Harness, Easy Control Breathable Step-in Cat Vest with Reflective Strip


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Product description
Product description

High Efficiently:Silicon Graphite Crucible,Propane melting furnace can be heated up to 1800 °C / 3272 °F,higher than Clay Graphite Crucible.The inner diameter of silicon carbide graphite crucible is 4 inches. It can melt gold(13KG), silver(7KG), copper(6KG) or aluminum(1.8KG) in a single melting.

Large Compacity:5 KG of large volume, propane melting furnace can be melted: 6KG copper,13KG gold,1.8KG Aluminum,7KG Silver,7KG Iron.

Wide Application:High quality ceramic fiber in the melting furnace to isolate heat.PTFE tape to improve the gas tightness of the pipe connection, firebrick is specially used to place high temperature crucible.It can be used to melt cold,silver,copper,brass,aluminum and more.

Easy to assemble:The graphite crucible is heat-resistant.We have done lots of tests on the melting furnace set and have included all operation tips and precautions in the user manual. Please read the user manual carefully before using the furnace.

Package included: Furnace*1 , Crucible*1 , Ceramic Fiber Pad*1 , Air Intake*1 , Regulator*1 , Fire Brick*1 , Ptfe Tape*1 , Tong*1 ,USER MANUAL*1.