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Counterfeit Money Checker Bill Detector Machine 2 in 1 with 5 Full Detection and Long-Term Service


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Product description
Product description

Easy to Use - The slow feeder pet lick mat can be used combine with peanut butter, yogurt or other flavored fillings.and stick to any smooth surface, then your pet will so focus on getting the yummy treat when in bathing, trimming nails or grooming time,and it also can be used as a fun alternative to a slow feed dog bowl anytime

Slower Healthier Feeding: Slow Feeder licking mats encourage slower eating, which reduces bloating and improves digestion.Light-weight and portable design is perfect to carry it while traveling

Reduces Boredom Anxiety and Destructive Behavior Calm your pet as they enjoy their favorite treat. Great alternative to the snuffle mat for dogs. Lick Mat is also designed to reduce anxiety and promote calm behavior in your pet during stressful times such as thunderstorms. A perfect alternative to anxiety vests. Please remember to supervise your pets during use

Easy to Clean: Simply rinse with water. Foods that are difficult to clean, such as peanut butter, are recommended to wash with warm soapy water soaking for a period of time,Packge :2 * Dog Lick Pad,1 * Cleaning Brush,1 * food scraper

Perfect Gift for Dog Cat - This Pet lick pad is the perfect gift for every pet lover!Suit for both dogs and cats.Dogs and cats like to lick the surface of this calm pad, and Slow Feeder Dog Mat small pattern promote dental health,helps to clean teeth, fresh breath and healthy gums