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Electric Heated Gloves for Raynauds Disease Men Women, Waterproof & Windproof Breathable Winter Gloves, Skiing, Motorcycling, Mountaineering, Walking Dogs, Fishing


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Product description
Product description

1.【Anti blue light glasses for kids】 NineUp kids blue light glasses can cut harmful blue light, effectively protect your children's eyesight. Suitable for online learning/gaming via mobile phones/iPads/PC and other electronic devices.

2.【SAFETY SILICONE MATERIALS】 Environmentally friendly silicone material, specially designed for children. Ultra-lightweight, soft and anti-allergic. The silicone nose pads can reduce the burden on nose.

3.【REDUCE EYE FATIGUE】 NineUp Anti blue light glasses for kids can alleviate children’s eye fatigue, avoid eye dryness/itching, reduce headaches and migraines caused by fatigue.

4.【AGES 3-12】 Classic design computer glasses for kids, best gift for children. Suitable for both boys and girls from ages 3 to 12 (For more accuracy, please refer to the frame size), high transparency of frames, lovely game glasses for children.

5.【NO RISK OF WASTING MONEY】 You can return the defective/not suitable products for repairing or exchanging for free at any time (non-artificial damage).