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Family Made Company Kids Strap Extender Buckle for Mask Cute Anti-Tightening Adjustable Mask Ropes Buckle Practical Mask


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Product description
Product description

【Package Included】5 Pcs Ear Mask Hook(5.5 x 0.51 in) + 5 Pcs Mask Bracket(3.14 x 2.8 in). The kid mask extender have designed in different colors with a Cartoon on them, that makes the strap interesting for the Kids. Decorate your mask with the color you like.
【Design&Material】lightweight, sterile, environmentally friendly PP flexible material, food grade silicone rubber material, can be self-sterilized, easy to clean unlimited reuse non-allergic, maximum comfort wraparound Design, adjustable belt, tasteless, long life, etc.
【Relieving Ear Pain】 Wearing kid mask for a long time can easily hurt ears, causing ear swelling. With our mask strap extender, you will no longer worry about hurting your ears because its soft and comfortable wearing which can relieve ear pain, redness and discomfort caused by mask.
【Adjustable Ear Hook】4 Gears adjustable decompression ear hook for mask, It can solve the problem of wearing a face mask too tightly for large faces, and it can also solve the problem of thin faces and children wearing too loose masks and easily fall off.
【Creating a breathing space】3D three-dimensional support, isolate the mouth and nose to form a breathing space to make breathing smoother, and at the same time isolate the mouth and nose to avoid potential safety hazards from contact.