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Garage Light, Led Garage Lights, 120W Garage Lights, Deformable Led Garage Lights, Led Lights for Garage with 4 Adjustable Panels E26/E27 12000 Lumens 6000K Led Garage Ceiling Lights (1 Pack)


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Product description
Product description

【Upgraded Alcohol Tester】:The advanced high-precision nanotechnology sensor will immediately provide you with the most accurate value, and comes with ten spare Mouthpieces for you and your family or friends to use.

【Environmental protection and energy saving】: Breathalyzer has a micro USB cable for easy charging. It can be used for 3-6 months after a full charge. You don't need to buy and replace the battery all the time. Moreover, it will automatically turn off the power after 15 seconds of inactivity, saving money and environmental protection.

【Easy to operate and portable】: easy to operate, easy to carry, save space for you, you can put it in your pocket or bag when you are partying with friends.

【Audible alarm】: If the result is lower than the warning value, the screen will turn green and the siren will emit "di"; if the result is between the warning value and the dangerous value, the screen will turn yellow and the siren will emit "di" Di" sound; when the test result is higher than 0.05% BAC / 0.5‰ BAC, the screen of the digital breath analyzer will turn red, and the alarm will sound "di di di...".

【Perfect after-sales service】: If you are not satisfied with this breathalyzer, you are welcome to contact us at any time and put forward your valuable opinions. Yo