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Si shen Adult face mask Adult dust-Proof mask 3-Color 100% Silk Adjustable mask, 3D Design


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Product description
Product description

The pattern with the background that canvas are waterproof and has even texture,high definition pattern, good texture and aesthetic feeling. With plastic paper to keep the picture sticky and then the diamond will hold, so the picture can be protected.

Package come with 2 set semi-finished diamond painting,starry night,we give away two sewing cross stitch as gifts. You can follow the instructions to accomplish it.

Diamond painting unique dazzling and the resin sequins scintillating. Diy diamond painting can enhance your hands-on ability and be good bonding experience for family.You can enjoy the process of this new style painting to get peaceful, relieve stress.

Choose the right number diamond according to the list,pour them into the box,ues the pen to complete that.

Unique starry night is best decoration to living room and office. Making your home is looking more cozy. You'll be proud to finish the diamond paintings