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Top Fill Humidifiers with Smart Humidistat - Patented Leak-Proof Design Cool Mist Humidifiers, 29dB Quiet and Cozy Night Light, Easy to Clean, Perfect for Large Room,5L Tank for 50 Hours


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Product description
Product description

Leak-Proof Humidifier: Thanks to a patented anti-leakage structure design - top mist chamber from which excess water flows out due to gravity, you may confidently place ultrasonic cool mist humidifier anywhere you desire, no flooding floor or carpet Smart Mist Adjustment: Maintains a proper level of humidity as set (30%-85%) based on the room temperature and humidity detected with the humidistat, helping those with colds, allergies and dry skin especially in dry winter days Efficient Humidification: Fine mist from the Toppin ultrasonic humidifier reaches 2.6ft high with a powerful mist output of 300ml/h at high mist (60 / 150 ml/h at low and medium mist) in any room from 160-215ft², perfect for bedroom, living room, baby room, study and office Easy to Refill & Clean: Conveniently fill the 5L reservoir at sink, detach each of the internal parts of the top fill ultrasonic humidifier to thoroughly rinse and wipe clean to keep hygiene and safe (add 3 pinches of salt to distilled water for normal running) Sleep Safe & Sound: Have a full night’s silent, undisturbed sleep with 3-layer waterless auto off protection system, night light & LED display off, and soothing moisture all night for 14-70 hours in the driest winter days